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Let AutoGPT

Find Your Next

100,000 Customers

Let AutoGPT Find

Your Next

100,000 Customers

R2D2 automates the entire business development process using AI. It can find qualified leads, enrich leads with market intelligence, send personalized outreach and grow your pipeline by 10x.


Outreach at Scale

R2D2 harnesses the power of several large language models (LLM’s) to write personal & professional emails at scale.

More Leads

for Less

Finding new leads is hard (and expensive). Which is why we built R2D2 from scratch with AI to help companies find more leads at a fraction of the cost.

Find Account Intelligence

Use this to find Accounts that match your Ideal Customer Profile

Find New Leads

Use this to find leads based on your customer persona.

Person Research

Find everything there is to know about about a contact.

Company Research

Research everything about a company to get up to speed quickly.

Find Industry Trends

Research about an industry to get up to spend in minutes.

Upload your lead list to R2D2 to find additional information about them.

Coming Soon

Enrich Your Lead List

Write personalized sales content like emails, linkedin out reach.

Coming Soon

Personalize Sales Outreach

Find competitors and differentiation for any company.

Coming Soon

Find Competitive Info

Add content for R2D2 to create into charts and graphs for you.

Coming Soon

Visualize Content

Revolutionize Revenue Research with AutoGPT

Dive deep, equipped with real-time insights, and ace every revenue move.


Ready to Level-Up?

Start saving time and automating wherever you work.

Transform Leads into Engaging Conversations

Boosted Meeting Rates: Experience a surge in booked meetings, effortlessly.

Packed Calendar: Prepare for back-to-back calls and an energized sales cycle.

Personalized AI Outreach: Draft compelling messages tailored for each lead.

Next Features We Are Working On


June 23

Refer a Friend

June 23

Share your Templates

June 30

Automation: Perform Market Research

June 30

Automation: Train the model with your content

June 30

View All Features

Lead Enrichment

in Real Time

By leveraging the latest AI technology like AutoGPT, R2D2 helps companies uncover more ways to connect with future customers in real-time.

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